Becoming Preferred - Hardcover

By Summit Learning Systems, Inc

$ 24.95

Becoming Preferred - How To Outsell Your Competition will give you and your organization a competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace. The strategies and tactics in this book will help place you in the preferred position every time. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Create Distinctive Value in a crowded marketplace 
  • Differentiate yourself and your products effectively 
  • Break your personal and corporate income ceiling
  • Achieve the three levels of Preferred Status 
  • Win more business through a strategic sales process
  • Develop target markets for maximum impact
  • Leverage your network to gain access
  • Differentiate yourself through a strategic introduction
  • Develop a question protocol that accelerates the buying process
  • Use the Value-Added Strategy for market differentiation
  • Win more business with the Second Place Strategy
  • Match your sales strategy to personality dynamics 
  • Build long-term economic relationships of trust
  • Use High Touch strategies to exceed customer expectations
  • Get a bigger share of the customer through customer-centered growth
  • Insulate your customers from competitive erosion



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