Beating the Box - Virtual Learning Program

By Summit Learning Systems, Inc

$ 149.95

Hello and welcome to Beating the Box – where you’ll learn how to compete more effectively and win the battle against your big box rivals.

In this 7-module program, you’ll discover what it takes to go beyond the price point and build customer loyalty and referrals by tapping into what really matters most to customers – total value.

Developed and hosted by Michael Vickers, one of North America’s foremost authorities on creating lasting customer value and stronger bottom-line performance, Beating the Box will show you exactly what it takes to neutralize the perception of a big box retailer advantage and showcase your own specific advantages they can’t match.

Superior knowledge is the key to truly differentiating yourself from your competitors and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Beating the Box. And you’ll learn how to do it without engaging in price wars and sacrificing your margins.

Welcome to Beating the Box – your pathway to competitive excellence and a better bottom line!
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