Client Reviews

“Organizers like myself, place high value on presenters with practical experience who can deliver the message effectively. You delivered on both counts. Michael, always a pleasure to hear your pearls of wisdom.”
- Damian Borges, CAIFA

“We found Michael to be very professional, right on the mark with the topic we had chosen and very entertaining. For a group of bankers to make such glowing comments about a speaker who comes on right at the end of the day is saying something.”
- Sandy Duncan, Royal Bank Financial Group

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the presentation you made at our conference. Your contribution and subsequent formal and informal discussions lead to participants grading the conference ‘valuable, informative’ and ‘the best ever!’”
- Larry Stack, Neles Automation

“I certainly enjoyed your presentation at our sales congress. I have been using your closing strategy with great success.”
- Graham Calder, London Life

“Your energy and message is like a “shot in the arm”. Students have told us that your presentation was informative, entertaining and a great way to wrap up our three day seminar. Other industry guest speakers scheduled to speak after you have also commented that they wish we would schedule you last, so that they do not have to follow your extraordinary presentation!”
- David Maffit, Phoenix Energy Marketing

“We have had very positive feedback from both the Management Team as well as our Financial Consultants who had the pleasure of hearing you speak. Many people walked out of the presentation with a new, positive outlook on their business and with new ideas to incorporate. We immediately saw ways to improve our business. In our own office, we have used your suggestions on numerous occasions already. You truly are an extraordinary speaker, living an extraordinary life!”
- Esther Bast, Investors Group

“You promised to have an impact and you were true to your promise. The feedback has been great and your insights into our business were very well received. They loved you!”
- Paul Smith, Royal Bank

“You delivered a dynamic and insightful presentation that inspired, motivated and challenged everyone. By all reports, the conference was a success and your role as a keynote speaker contributed a great deal towards that result. Thank you again for delivering exactly what you promised - a presentation that would leave a lasting impression with the delegates. It was the perfect close for the conference!”
- Marian Fox, CPSA

“The feedback we have received has been excellent - the conference participants really enjoyed your insights, energy and enthusiasm. Your contribution to the conference was very valuable - participants left the conference motivated and charged with energy.”
- Arlene Maddell, Bank of Montreal

“You certainly motivated our troops! Your session was the most talked about after our conference.”
- Sarah Weilens, Syspro Software Ltd.